Extra Long Shelf-Life

We have conducted numerous test, and when stored correctly, LIVIE blueberries remain perfectly fine and only slightly softer compared to the day you bring them home.

Store your blueberries at 4°C / 39.2°F, in your refrigerator, to maintain their best quality.

Did you know the bloom on your blueberries, a natural light coat, protects the freshness of your berries?.

Enjoy your blueberries longer and wash your fruit directly before eating.


can last
over 45

Year-Round Supply

Our goal is to make LIVIE Quality Blueberries available year-round, so you always have access to the best healthy snack.

LIVIE Blueberries are grown in the best production regions worldwide. To cover year-round supply, we have selected blueberry varieties that produce in both warm and cold climates during different production windows. This ensures our growers can supply LIVIE Quality Blueberries to your supermarkets from the closest production regions possible.

This means LIVIE Blueberries are grown locally and close to your home to provide fruit in the summer months, and other regions have proven to produce perfect quality for the rest of the year, to ensure you can enjoy LIVIE Blueberries every day.

In this video, you can follow which countries supply your LIVIE Blueberries during the year. Blue describes the colder regions and green the warmer areas where our blueberry plants are grown for you.




Story Livie

our story

Based on your consumer feedback, we realized consistent quality has been lacking with blueberries currently available. There are hundreds of different varieties grown in different regions, newer and older, traditional ones. Even the best blueberry varieties can sometimes produce different fruit quality based on weather and growing conditions during the season.

To ensure you experience consistent fruit quality with every purchase, we developed LIVIE, a quality logo that is added to existing brands to identify the best selection of blueberries from our certified growing partners.

When you see the LIVIE Logo added to the package, you know you’ll get THE BETTER BERRY INSIDE!

Ethically Bred & Grown Blueberries

Our blueberry breeders at Fall Creek Farm & Nursery® naturally crossbreed our best parent selections using traditional cross-pollination techniques. The offspring go through several evaluation stages before being released as a new blueberry variety. New varieties that produce primarily large, firm and very flavorful blueberries go into our SEKOYA® program which builds the foundation for your LIVIE Eating Experience.

Sustainability and ethical practices are part of our DNA. Our blueberries are here to make a positive impact in this world.

Our licensed growers are committed to best practices concerning the environment and labor in every country they grow in, so you can truly enjoy your best LIVIE™ Blueberries year-round! Learn about the people who grow your blueberries at www.sekoyafruit.com/members.