A brand-new way of consuming blueberries: snacking and on-the go.

Our new crunchy blueberry selection with the LIVIE Quality Assurance makes it possible!

The era of old blueberry varieties with soft texture, lack of flavor and short shelf life limited the consumption options to mixing berries in yoghurt or smoothies.

LIVIE Blueberries will create a new experience: crunchy & sweet! You can add them to your preferred breakfast mix, but they also offer you the chance to enjoy your blueberries as a snack.

Now, you can enjoy your fresh and healthy LIVIE Blueberry Treats whenever and wherever you go!

They are the perfect bite-size no matter what age group you’re in! Their firm texture and exceptional shelf-life of up to 45 days make them ideal for even the wildest adventures.

Whether you snack in your car, your kids eat them at school, you enjoy them at the park, the beach, or climb to the top of a mountain, every bite of your crunchy, delicious, jumbo blueberries will give you a burst of flavor and energy, full of nutrients and antioxidants. And the best part, there’s no mess!

The sky is the limit! What’s your favorite way of snacking blueberries?